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oooh took this quiz

going on camp tomorroe~
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When I say the ancient race, I AM TALKING ABOUT OLD PEOPLE OKAY? yes today i had to take my grandmother to get a perm. Was the perm bad? no. BUT , AND I MEAN BUT. WE WENT TO HER COUSINS HOUSE IN SOME PENSIONER VILLAGE and i was sitting there being asked personal questions and being forced to drink and eat what he made, then he told me i HAVE to get married next year.... i eventually fell asleep, twice. I COULD NO LONGER TAKE IT! I LEFT AND WENT OUTSIDE TO WAIT FOR MY MOM TO FINALLY COME PICK US UP, WHEN IM BEING PERVED ON BY THIS FKN GROSSS OLD MAN WITH COP GLASSES SITTING IN HIS 4 WHEEL DRIVE, HE JUST SAT THERE SMOKING AND LOOKING AT ME, UNTIL MY MOM CAME AND I LEFT WITH HER HE FOLLOWED ME AND WENT INTO SOME OTHER HOUSE! wtfff!! today was extremely crap and boring, it was as if i was being punished for criminal offences of treason on the highest count T____T dayumm

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oooh yes, the stage of my life has finally come where i am taking my final high school examinations. Am I nervous? well let's just say I'm having epiliptic seissures. English went pretty well and I have math tomorrow, hahaha math! Am I good at math? I'm as useless at math as a chicken is at flying. Oh well, I hope I do good >____> . OH INTERESTING STORY!I went to a store today to help my mom find a dress to wear to my cousins upcoming wedding, and I was chattin to the girl who was running the shop today right, and she was telling me about how much she stressed over the year 12 exams and what not, and ended up not getting the score to get into the uni and course she wanted to, but she said that there are many backdoors that you can go through to get to it, I had to go before she could tell me everything, but apparently she did something to get into the course in the uni of her choice O___O so don't lose hope!

Right now I'm TRYING to study, while listening to Gwen Stefani lol~

feeling really tired....yep....just....about...to......................zzzZZZzzzzz...

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MY LIFE IS OVER, OH WOE IS ME, THERE IS NO POINT IN LIFE.... ok now that that emo stage is over, heres the 411. MY ENGLISH EXAMMM IS IN 3 DAYS. now i am ..so so confident about english. What's nerving my brain is the fact that i might get crappy questions for my text studies. D:!!! I'm going to miss sumyee during her period of absenteeism but she is setting a good example for me. I believe I should follow her idea and not go on for 3 weeks too... Well.. minimally, like 30 mins every 3 days or so. Let's hope this works ^^ THANKS SUMZEE FOR BEING INSPIRATIONAL ^^!=D
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ok ok well i'm doing that thing that my lovely friend sumyee told me to do , list your fave 10 celebs or anime characters and then tag people yo =D

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Do the same or suffer a horrible death

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wellllll tomorrow my mom has booked me in for a doctors appointment for uhmmm something... but the thing is like i gotta go all the way to st kilda, and i just know that i am going to get lost. woohoo~ i can be picked up by travelling prostitutes and they can teach me their tribal ways. ANYWAY, so yes i need to go to the doctor and explain to him my problem so that he can recommend me a good psychologist ( yes i am crazy), but it will be challenging looking the doctor in the eye and i shall be blushing like crazy aswell. After that my mom should be coming to pick me up, it will be a very awkward silence on the long road home >.< ...


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mwahahha i gots a new lj yo~ the other ones username sucked beyond belief and so i decided to change and hey what comes as even more of a surprise..... im actually deciding to use lj now! uah~~~ shock horror yes? well yep now yu get to read all about my lovely days~

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